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Join the Rainbow Massage Club - it's FREE to join and you get the following benefits:

► Receive £5 off the base hourly rate... every time! (events excluded)*

► Receive weekly updates to Rainbow Massage

► Receive notifications of last minute cancellation opportunities

► Receive notifications of upcoming watching events

► Receive notifications of upcoming massage events

To join simply fill in the following and click the button:

Simple rules:

You must remain a member and agree to receive occasional emails from me.

Please add "" to your contacts so that my emails don't go into your spam folder - and ensure you have "Show all images" enabled, so that you don't miss out.

The £5 discount will only apply to the first hour of any booking - all other charges remain as advertised (e.g. 90mins +£20, travelling rate, extra time, hotels etc).

I reserve the right to change the rules at any time and withdraw any offers - this will be notified on this website.

* You must request and remind me that you are a member to receive the £5 discount.