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"The excitement of having two masseurs was a dream experience, after watching their video, but the reality was very real! I booked for 2.5 hours and could not wait to meet them both. Professional and discreet meeting at my selected hotel Ė They arrived and my heart beat must have been in overdrive! The slow sensual undressing and the carefully positioned pillows on the bed gave a perfect setting to allow Bruno and Martin to gently work their skilled well-oiled hands over my body. The feel of these two guys, gently sliding, and touching everywhere imaginable was something you donít experience very often, but they certainly were worth every penny! Until next time- canít wait." - Matt (Bath)

"My second session with Martin was even more amazing than my first. His caring approach, sensual touches, and he knows exactly what we guys like! I booked two and a half hours, and the time just drifted away - just didn’t want it to end. Was even tempted back to bed for those final touches, that’s how good it was. So looking forward to my next session very soon. Thank you Martin for giving me more please than I could imagine." - Steve (Swindon)

"What a outstanding and amazing time I had. No rush very sexual and sensual." - Jay (Worcester)

"Just spent 2 hours with Martin. Had the most sensuous sexual night I've ever had. He is the most fantastic lover, his body is gorgeous, his kissing just turns you on, you do things instinctively to please him because you know he will pleasure you. I didn't want him to leave, we lay in each others arms and talked, a beautiful passionate man I know we will meet again soon." - David (Evesham)

"This was my first massage experience and I have to say it was amazing. I was incredibly nervous but Martin made me feel completely relaxed within a few minutes of arriving. He is obviously an expert at delivering massage and I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I came away feeling refreshed and completely satisfied. It exceeded my expectations 100%." - Chris (Devizes)

"Had the most amazing experience which Martin - the pleasure of Rainbow Massage. Thank you Martin. R-relaxing/ raunchy A- arousing I- intimate N-naughty but nice B-blissful O-orgasmic W- wonderful M-Magical A-amazing S-sensual S-sexy A-awesome G-gentle E-enjoyable" - Steve (Swindon)

"Met Martin for the first time today, a very enjoyable experience, a genuine nice guy who enjoys what he does, I experienced things for the first time and enjoyed very much, look forward to seeing him again. Well worth the money and I highly recommend him." - Eric (Swindon)

"I had the pleasure of a full boyfriend experience with Martin. From the moment Martin arrived our entire time together felt like real life, Martin is the most passionate kisser and lover. Nothing is too much trouble. The boyfriend experience isn't one to be missed. I've already booked my next experience with this beautiful man. Martin as we all know has amazing hands, from the most gentle touch to the deepest embrace the feeling of love flows through." - Tim (Swindon)

"My sessions with Martin have been magical and regenerated my sexual juices, he is a kind and experienced person in all sexual performances. I would recommend him to any person, young, old, inexperienced, or someone wanting to try something different." - David (Evesham)

"Martin, I've only met you once so far but it was wonderful. You instinctively knew what I wanted. A great experience. I look forward to our next meeting." - Pete (Swindon)

"Martin came to my hotel in Swindon for a 2-hour tantric style session. The massage was full of energy but it was very sensual too with erotic touches. The undressing ritual before the massage was an excellent introduction. To put it in a nutshell, let's say that it was a mind-blowing experience. Plus, Martin is a very sexy man, very courteous. Maybe next time I'll ask for a Boyfriend Experience too!" - Jacques (Swindon)

"Thank you for everything yesterday. It was beyond my wildest hopes and dreams. I have been doing massage for some years now, off and on, both as operator and recipient. I have always wanted it to be more body contact than formal massage, but have never found anyone like-minded. Until you. You were/are fantastic: just what I have been seeking all these years. I hope that I was able also to give you some of what you seek. I think that we are not so much a 'Rainbow Switch' as completely mutual, instinctively responsive to the other's moves and wishes. I shall look at your schedule to see when we can next meet: for 2.5 hours, body contact massage, shared shower, and much more..." - Bob (Wells)

"Martin was recommended by a friend who has experienced his massage services many times before, at first I was a little unsure and scared about it, but non the less I decided to book Martin for an evening. Oh boy, I'm glad I did. Martin was kind, and reassuring and the nerves I had soon went away. The massage, the touch, the music and the oils made everything perfect, and let me tell you all that Martin is worth every penny! I can't wait to book him again, it was really a very sensual experience to myself and I embraced it completely. 10 out of 10" - Ruben (Salisbury)

"I had the best experience with Martin and I loved every moment of it and I hope to be able to book him very soon when Lockdown 3.0 is over! Martin is very professional in his approach and respectful. The Massage was amazing and I slept so well that evening. Thank you Martin and as I say I hope to be able to book you again very soon." - William (Lambourn)

"Your visit with your friend was outstanding. Your massage techniques are awesome and made my muscle aches disappear. With you both working my body I felt a was in a dream. Thank you once again and can't wait till next time." - Phillip (West Oxon)

"Guys, just book the Platinum Watcher Experience with Paul and Martin. You’ll not regret it! Martin has shown me untold pleasures over the many years I’ve been meeting him, but the session with these two handsome, sexy, horny guys cannot be beaten! I cannot believe how quickly the time went - they are both so friendly and interactive - hands everywhere, the joy just keeps on coming! Without doubt, my time spent with these two was the most sensual and enjoyable of my life. I’ll be back as soon as I can! Xxxx" - Jeff (Hungerford) Please note: Platinum Watcher Experience is no longer available.

"I have know Martin for a number of years now, and it’s great that he takes the time to travel to Leicester to visit me. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Paul! A polite, handsome guy, who I found very easy to gel with, and together, they provided me with a euphoric experience which I thought was never possible to attain! And one which, I hopefully will never forget for a long time to come. So looking forward to another session in the near future. You put your heart and soul into your work and I truly appreciate what you guys do!!" - Noel (Leicester) Please note: Platinum Watcher Experience is no longer available.

"I used to meet Martin regularly when I lived in the UK, and I have managed to meet him a couple of times when I have been back visiting friends. Always a great experience, Martin gives an amazing massage and to be able to touch him is so good. I would thoroughly recommend him." - Peter (Malta)

"I was lucky enough to meet up with Martin again just before lockdown. This was to be our third meeting. Martin visited me in my hotel. We had pre-arranged to enjoy an undressing ritual before the massage. I really enjoy being undressed and Martin enjoyed me undressing him. (We found time for a little bit of fun too before heading to the shower together). Now both shower fresh and naked it was time to lie down and look forward to my body being caressed. Martin applied warm oil all over my body and expertly rubbed it in. As requested, he spent a bit of time on my buttocks and surrounding area! Whenever I got a chance, I was able to touch Martin wherever I wanted to. It's good to know you can do this, not all masseurs like mutual touch. Time to roll onto my front and after some more massage and feeling totally relaxed I was soon very aroused… I booked Martin for 2.5 hours and the time flew by. Whenever I'm in Swindon I always arrange to meet Martin. Just a shame those visits aren't more frequent. Thanks, Martin, for a really memorable evening. See you again." - Nick (Swindon)

"Been a while but well worth the wait. Thank you for a phenomenal night. Got rid of all my stresses with your magic hands and your electric powers. Can’t wait until next time. You're truly amazing!" - Chris (Bristol)

"Fantastic is word most commonly used when an event or, a period in time is extraordinary... Well my second session with Rainbow Massage was just that Fantastic!!!! I cannot wait for my next trip back to the UK and really look forward to trying more of the many service Rainbow Massage offers.... Have a great holiday!" - Mason (USA)

"Huge thanks for another great evening and your wonderful hands (and more). In case you didn't notice you hit all the right places! And you were right...I slept like a baby!. Have a great rest of weekend and hope to see you again soon." - Andrew (Burford)

"Martin's massage skills are superb, as are his social skills. He is aware of what you want or need without the need for words & always delivers. He is at the very top of this profession & his body seems to improve like the finest of wines! Thank you Martin." - Michael (Bournemouth)

"Had been browsing Martin’s website for a couple of years and finally plucked up the courage to book a massage. Boy was I nervous but also excited. Martin’s a kind, thoughtful and patient guy with incredible hands! I can honestly say the session was the single most sensual and erotic experience of my life so far. If I could give my younger self some advice it would be You Only Live Once so go enjoy it. I intend to do just that as often as I can now. Thank you for enlightening me." - Tony (Somerset)

"I recently traveled to the UK for business and had the best massage I have ever received in my life. This man is a true professional and a master of skill. Exceptional in so many ways. I look forward to my next trip." - Mason (USA)

"Thanks again Martin for another wonderful experience and a great massage and for making me feel at ease.  And yes I had a great nights sleep... looking forward to the next one." - Chris (Bristol)

"Well, what can I say. I last used Martin 7 years ago and how his massages have moved on in that time. To have his hands and everything else massaging all those stresses away is a new and more amazing experience. If you use Martin please book at least a 90minute experience and wow it is an experience you will not regret. Thanks Martin x" - Liam (Fareham)

"Martin visited me for the first time, I was very nervous but within 5 minutes I was soon relaxed, he was very friendly and professional. Can't wait until the next time. Thank you Martin." - Chris (Bristol)

"Martin visited me for the first time yesterday. Well he is simply the best, arrived on time, very friendly and courteous. His attention to detail is second to none and boy he is one sexy guy. Thanks Martin, I can't wait to see you again!" - Bryan (Banbury)

"A fantastic masssage with two watchers and I am pretty sure we all enjoyed ourselves! I know I did... a relaxing massage to start, which for me was all the more pleasurable with two other naked men watching. After a while we just all enjoyed each other’s company for the rest of the time... by the end of it I was relaxed in more ways than one... truly - I highly recommend it and can’t wait for my next!" - Matt (Swindon)

"Thanks for the best massage I have ever had. From arrival I was put at ease and felt totally relaxed with the atmosphere. No confusion or hassle since everything was explained. A beautiful man started massaging me in a super comfortable way, strong and masculine but totally aware how strong to be. The whole session flew by with such comfort and care that afterwards I felt I was floating on clouds all evening. Such a great experience I can’t wait again to find a slot available. Highly recommended and great value from such a lovely guy." - Robert (Newbury)

"Had my first of hopefully many massages with Martin and it was like everyone here says a fantastic couple of hours. He is a friendly, giving guy and really knows what he is doing. The session felt so natural and still feeling the after effects now. A real find!" - Laurence (Bristol)

"I have had a couple of massages from Martin. They get better every time. Martin is very skilled, has a wonderful knack of relaxing you and the outcome is phenomenal. Thank you Martin. I would recommend Martin to all." - Simon (Swindon)

"Today (30/1/18), I received my first massage from Martin, in fact it is the first massage I’ve had in years. Wow! I experienced things I have never experienced before and certainly didn’t expect to experience such things today. I’m rather lost for words as to how good it was and my body is still feeling the sensations several hour later. Truly remarkable and thoroughly rewarding. I doubt very much that anyone could exceed Martin’s amazing touch. I’ll certainly be booking up future sessions. Thank you Martin, stunning!" - Pete (Swindon)

"Well as you can most likely guess by my name I am a fat man. But Martin made me feel like that didn't matter at all. It was such a relaxing experience i would recommend any man tries this. Martin I will be back!!!" - Fat Man (Swindon)

"I am just coming down from my first treatment with Martin. The first of many I hope. Truly wonderful!" - Dave (New Forest)

"I can only say, if you want to experience a sensual massage like nothing you have experienced before... then get in touch with Martin. He has a way of finding every erogenous zone of a guys body believe me... He is so sensual to your own personal needs in every way possible. A totally dedicated guy, can't wait for my next session with him... thanks again!" - Noel (Leicester)

"Thanks so much for coming over to us on Sunday Evening. I found the massage an amazing experience, both very relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I didn't know quite what to expect as it was my first but you put me at ease straight away. We both enjoyed your visit out to the sticks very much. I hope you will come again." - Mark (Burford)

"What a wonderful experience. Martin is very talented and has great empathy and is the perfect gentleman making me feel safe and secure even when naked. I can't wait to book Martin again. I would highly recommend him. Oh and there's no whale music just relaxing music!" - Chris (Birmingham)

"Oh wow, what an experience. This wasn't my first massage from a guy, but have never been through such a sensual experience. Firstly Martin is a nice, handsome guy but at the same time very accommodating, and understands your needs. I could not stop thinking about the session even after a month. Looking forward to get an appointment soon." - Mani (Reading)

"Great massage by Martin - relaxing, sensual and rejuvenating. I will do it again; thanks Martin." - David (Reading)

"I have not had a massage for over a year. I have been working very hard at present and was very stressed. Martin made me feel at ease with massaging skills and friendliness relaxed me to a level I have not felt in a long while. Thanks Martin." - Joe (Hampshire)

"Thanks for last night, I slept well! A massage I won't forget - I haven't been touched in places before that I could have thought of. Your skills are years of practice that I appreciate and I still think you used your trainers for my lower back LOL! Hope to see you again." - Steve (Swindon)

"Once again thank you for the wonderful 90 minutes you spent with me. Again you worked your magic, I was able to relax, before you took me on another journey reaching those sensual heights that only you seem to make me reach. I hope to feel magic hands again soon." - Kev (Reading)

"Hi Martin. Thank you for last night. Your touch was wonderful and relaxing. I was taken to heights never before felt. I wish to book you for a repeat." - Kev (Reading)

"Martin made me feel very relaxed before, during and after the massage. He has a passionate and professional approach to the massage. My second appointment left me feeling even better than my 1st session.
A must for anyone, gay, bi or straight."
- R (Swindon)

"Very easy to book and very professional, nice touch to have reminder on the day as well. Martin immediately put me at ease, and gave one of the most sensual and relaxing massages I have ever had. Do not hesitate to book him." - Richard (Gloucestershire)

"That really was a wonderful massage and it was great to meet you; you're a lovely man and you made my birthday very special. It almost seems like a dream now. I slept like a log - of course. Thank you very much." - Nigel (Shaftesbury)

"Dear Martin, I slept very well last night, happy in my body and mind after the wonderful treatment I received last night. I wish I lived nearer to Swindon! Your unhurried, thorough and focused approach made it a fantastic experience... pure bliss. Thank you, and keep well." - Tim (Leicester)

"Wow, the most amazing experience of my life! Being my first massage I was a bit nervous, but within three minutes I was relaxing and loving every minute, I can't wait until my next massage, thank you so much." - John (Swindon)

"All I can say is amazing, very relaxing and got very smooth hands. Enjoyed it so much, thank you Martin. I will see you again soon. x" - Allan (Swindon)

"Wow!  The massage was absolutely fantastic! So relaxed after. A nice range of oils (only at Touch Sauna) and very warm hands ;-) I would have no problems reccommending to a friend. :-)" - Happy Customer (Swindon)

"Martin is  a great guy, very sensual, passionate and very much a gentleman. Even though he looks good, has a beautiful smile, lovely eyes and a great bod, he doesn't have the attitude that usually comes with people like that. I would definitely book a treatment with him sometime soon." - Ken (Southampton)

"Martin, just wanted to say thanks for this morning, it was amazing again - I've been walking around like the Cheshire Cat all day - can't think why... LOL. The whole session was sensational - I still get judders, thank you." - Steve (Swindon)

"Thank you so much for a truly wonderful massage, your a very special guy and I hope to see you again very soon. It really was special, at times it felt like there were four hands, that made it amazing." - Marty (Andover)

"Just wanted to say how nice it was to meet you, from when you arrived it felt very relaxed and easy. The session was great too... my neck, shoulders and back feel great - so i am definitely going to be back for the rest of the body soon! You have a great bod and I really enoyed being with you, have a good weekend and hope to see you again soon." - Neil (Oxford)

"Hi Martin, Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic massage yesterday. Your friendly and calming manner soon put me at ease and your hands worked all the right areas! I really enjoyed the whole experience and had a very chilled out and relaxed evening folowing the massage. I hope to see you again soon (and hopefuly get a "Watcher" too)." - adamsew (Gaydar)

"Martin. My partner of 27 years had been suffering from cancer for the last 10 years. I love Kevin very much, but because of his treatment he was no longer interested in any physical contact. To have a lovely guy touch me so openly, sensually and warmly was almost a shock to my system. After you had gone that evening I felt more relaxed than I had felt for a very long time, both from the massage which was wonderful and the physical contact with another man. Kevin unfortunately died early this year and I am gradually putting my life back together and although I am devastated and miss him dreadfully I think I am coping pretty well most of the time." - John - Isle of Wight

"Martin, wanted to thank you for a wonderful relaxing evening on Saturday. It was just what I need and you are expert at what you do. If I need de-stressing again I will definitely be contacting you again." - Steve (Bristol)

"Martin, I just wanted to say a big thank you.That was just really a lovely night, and I mean that sincerely. I wasn't expecting all that, but I really kind of enjoyed your company tonight. You really have something special in your touch. It was actually quite interesting for me to experience that tonight." - Paul (Bristol)

"Hi Martin. Just to say thanks for today it was unreal, I am glad to say you made me feel so good I will have to book you again soon." - Mark (Cheltenham)

"Hi Martin.Just a quick thank you for last night... it sure was sensual, relaxing and your hands were hot! Hopefully see you every 4-6 weeks." - Graham (Warminster)

"Martin, thanks very much indeed for a most enjoyable evening. I think I can safely say that was the best massage I’ve experienced. I shall be calling on you again in about a month. Take care and see you soon!" - William (Bristol)

"Thanks for a fantastic relaxing massage this afternoon - I'm floating around the cottage totally chilled out!" - Mark (Frome)

"Many thanks for an excellent massage Martin, you were well worth the money. Thank you. I shall deffo use you again for sure!" - Dave (Salisbury)

"Thank you for a wonderful massage. Not only are you a great masseur but a lovely guy with it." - David (Ludlow)

"Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful massage - I was very nervous and you certainly made me feel relaxed and at ease. I really needn't have worried as you certainly gave me a very sensual and relaxing massage! I will be booking a return visit in the near future!" - Richard (Swindon)

"Just thought I would let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed my evening last week as a watcher - a little nervous at first, but it got better! It's certainly made me more determined to experience the feeling of your hands at closer quarters!" - Pete (Swindon (Watcher))

"Martin - Thank You! You are a great masseur, very sexy. Will definitely schedule again." - Dave (Cheltenham)

"I just had to thank you so much for one of the most beautiful and sensual evenings of my entire life... you and it were amazing and for me, the evening was perfect in every way. Not just the physical... I loved our chat also... you're a lovely guy! I just needed to say how very special it all was for me.... the absolute best! Take great care and a million thanks!" - Richard (London)

"Martin is a true professional, a really nice & personable guy, with great hands – a great masseur! The massage he gave to each of us was truly sensual, relaxing and most stimulating; he moulded his service to each of our very different characters - with different ‘hot-spots’ - but we both awarded him 10/10! Loved it - more please!" - G & J (Nr Bournemouth)

"Martin gave me one of the most sensual massages I have ever had, it was exquisite! He's a lovely guy, and I'll certainly be calling upon him again." - Chris (Dorchester)

"Martin arrived and I was just a tad nervous as to what was going to happen! I needn't have worried, one of the best evenings of my life followed. Sensual, warm, tingling, the experience touched my very soul! A pot of gold is DEFINITELY at the end of this rainbow, I invite you to find it for yourselves, ALL OF YOU!" - Mike (Portishead)

"Martin - thank you so much for your visit and massage on Monday evening. The transportation into another dimension was tremendous and I really slept well that night and operated very effectively in my meetings the following day. Thanks a lot. Once again - briliant job!" - Paul (Guildford)

"A very relaxed and enjoyable time had watching Martin give a good massage, with the added bonus seeing the guy he massages enjoying himself too." - Ian (Aldershot)

"Just let Martin drain you of your stresses, 90 mins is a perfect length of time as 60 mins and you are just relaxing, but 90 takes the strains away...Allow his warm hands to caress your worries away listen to the music and blank your mind out, you will sleep well after the release of energy and awaken refreshed the following day. Martin will feature regularly at my home, I hope you all get the same feeling that I experienced." - Liam (Southampton)

"Brilliant, thanks, was really nervous. First ever massage but thank goodness I picked Martin, he was great and made me feel very relaxed. Very lucky to have found such a hot stud first time!" - Pete (Tewkesbury)

"Just wanted to say "Thanks" again for a really fantastic massage, really chilled and relaxed! Just wished I lived nearer would luv a regular monthly pampering. Hope I can travel down South again in the near future. You really are a true professional with the "Magic" touch. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending you & hopefully will be able to repeat the experience in the not too distant future!" - Gaz (Cheltenham (visiting from Southport))

"My first professional massage, don't think I need try any others... strongly recommended." - Scott (Bristol)

"I have had a lot of massages in my time, but Martin is the best I have come across. Truely relaxing, I look forward to my next one!" - Martyn (Brixton)

"Here's a little note to say how much I enjoyed the excellent massage from you, I've never felt so relaxed and the experience was sensual and erotic, I strongly recommend anyone wishing to try this guy out. He's the best." - Alibelly Alan (Weston-super-Mare)

"Fantastic experience!" - John (Swindon)

"Had three massages so far – all fantastic!! Looking forward to the fourth and I quite fancy the idea of being watched next time if anyone interested" - Peter (Brighton)

"Since making my first appointment I have had two great massages from Martin, I aim to try and get an appointment once a month, think that says it all." - Chris (Aldershot)

"Martin is truly a gifted massage therapist. He instinctively 'tunes in' to your body and focuses on the areas needing the most attention. He leaves you feeling relaxed and balanced." - Jonathon (Swindon)

"All I can say about your massages is fantastic, relaxing, and worth every penny!!" - Sexassy (Poole)

"I have had the pleasure of receiving massage in many countries over many years and I can truly say that Martin has ‘The Touch’. A few moments in his hands and I am at my most relaxed. Excellent!" - Looking4Riddick (Bristol)

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