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There are a few things I ask of you...

I ask that you shower or bath prior to my arrival. Due to the intimate nature of my work, I do expect cleanliness and immaculate personal hygiene and you can expect both of these things from me at all times.

I expect you to be in relatively good health and not have any skin complaints which would normally be considered non-massageable. If there are any areas you wish me to avoid, then you must tell me beforehand. Likewise, if you have somewhere you'd like me to concentrate more on, then please let me know - I'm more than happy to please.

If you have a bad back then I would rather not perform one of my sessions on you. I am not trained in 'fixing' backs or joints and continuing may cause further problems. It is your responsibility to inform me of any problems, before I start.

I am only qualified to perform Swedish (relaxational) massage - and I am very good at doing this. With nearly twenty years worth of experience behind me, I can relax and de-stress you and make you feel very good. I cannot do deep tissue or sports massages.

Please make sure the room in which the massage will take place is warm and comfortable, BUT NOT HOT (unless you want me dripping sweat all over you!). There should be no interruptions from anyone, or anything. Please make sure there are no disturbances from phones - this is very important. Once in a deeply relaxing state of mind there is nothing worse than a phone suddenly ringing - for you as well as for me.

The lighting should be subdued and low - candles are ideal for this if you have them. Also ideal are incence sticks or oil burners... although these items are not essential, they make the session feel much more relaxing and sensual. Low lighting and warmth are key features to a good massage!

I always bring my own music player with a good quality speaker - I don't need power sockets.

Please also note: I have very few restrictions or limitations on who I massage - I try to keep it open to as many people as possible - but I try to keep within the age range of 20-75. (I'd rather not be massaging people older than my parents). I do hope this doesn't offend too many of you and I apologise if it does.

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