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If you're within 10 miles of my home here in Swindon I can come to you for up to 90 minutes of amazing sensual naked massage for just £75 (£65 for 90 minutes of massage, plus £10 minimum travelling charge). Extra time can be added if you want more... see below.

I have a reasonable additional mileage rate (below industry standard) to mostly cover my fuel and running costs. It's based on distance/time - I profit very little from the travelling! See below for a map of the area I'm happy to cover - it's quite large! (My minimum travelling charge, outside of Swindon is £20).

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a detailed price breakdown of all my services and options!

Extra time

I can offer you extra time after the massage, for those that would like a little more time with me for chat, further naked fun, or just some company - ask me if you're interested. This is charged at £25 for an extra 30 minutes, or £50 for an extra hour.

How much will your session be?

If you would like to know the total cost for me to come to you then let me know where you are (town or postcode), and if you would like extra time or not, and I will get back to you with a total price - it'll probably be less than you think! Click here to ask or send me a message via text or WhatsApp. If you would like me to book a hotel for you then please let me know this information also.

How do I work it out the travelling charge?

Charges are worked out as follows: total distance travelled (including return trip), multiplied by £0.40p and then rounded to nearest £5. Some travelling charges may be adjusted if all of the journey is non-motorway due to additional time involved.

Note: Additional Charges

For bookings past 9pm all charges are increased by 50%. For the rare times I can offer past midnight then all charges are increased by 100% (i.e. doubled).

If you are within the any London Borough then there will be a surcharge of £30, plus any additional Congestion Charge and/or ULEZ charge. Please contact me for a quote!

How far will I go? (You'd be surprised!)

Below are two maps showing the area I'm happy to cover (click to see larger versions).

The first map (left) shows the maximum area I will travel within - anywhere within the rainbow area and up to the red line is no problem. For outside of this area please enquire, it may still be possible. Toll road and ferry charges will also need to be covered, where applicable.

The second map (right) shows the local area that I will travel to with the minimum travelling charge of £10 (it's a maximum distance of 10 miles from my home). For anywhere outside of the rainbow area on this local map your rate will be calculated by mileage from my base to your post code, with a minimum travelling charge of £20.











Detailed Price Breakdown

90 Minute Base Session: £65
30 Minutes Extra Time (if just Rainbow Massage): +£25
60 Minutes Extra Time (if just Rainbow Massage): +£50
Platinum Watcher Experience: +£65
30 Minutes Extra Time (if Platinum Watcher Experience): +£50
60 Minutes Extra Time (if Platinum Watcher Experience): +£100
Travelling Rate (rounded to nearest £5): 45p per mile
Mimimum Travelling Charge (within 10 miles Swindon): +£10
Minimum Travelling Charge (outside 10 miles Swindon): +£20
Within M25: +£30
Any Clean Air Zone Charge: +£15
Watching (each): +£20
After 9pm: +50%
After midnight (if available): +100%
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