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In my effort to be transparent, open and honest I would like you to read the following personal statement from me...

I take my sexual health very seriously with full STI checkups at least every three months, including a HIV test.

My last HIV test and full checkup was: August 2018

Since February 2016 I've been on daily PrEP medication to protect myself against HIV (it's as near to 100% effective as can be). This means you can always be sure I am clear of HIV (negative). If you want to do the same or want further information then check out or or for lots more information...

I am also vaccinated against the following:

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
HPV (genital warts)

I also have a very high level of protection against the following:


(Yes, this is possible with certain medication... ask me if you want to know more, or Google search)

As you can see above, I am now very protected against most STI's - so you can be quite secure in the knowledge that it's highly unlikely that you will contract anything from me. Very few people can say this with confidence.

If the very rare occurrence happened that I did pick up an STI then I would contact any previous contact(s) where necessary - this is just to politely inform, not to accuse or deliberately cause upset. It's a risk we all take where any sexual contact is involved so I do expect your full understanding. I would expect you to then take action to get yourself checked, and hopefully keep me updated.

Please do not meet me if you know you have an STI (excluding HIV). If you have an STI and you've been in recent contact with me then please inform me so that I can get myself checked, treated and cleared as soon as possible. I won't be offended and will thank you kindly for informing me - just as I would expect the other way around.

In short, I believe I am as clear of STIs as can reasonably be expected - more than most people. I expect the same from all clients. The only exception is HIV... your HIV status is irrelevant to me.

The above all sounds very heavy... but it's not that bad and mostly just responsible common sense - we should all look after ourselves while enjoying life's pleasures.

My recommendation to everyone is to get yourself checked regularly at your local GUM or Sexual Health Clinic. You can ask me for advice - I am not trained or qualified... but I am very knowledgeable.

Thanks for reading.